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Changxing Island Industrial Zone Resources Bureau of Dalina Land Resources and the Housing Authority
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Changxing Island Industrial Zone Resources Bureau of Dalina Land Resources and the Housing Authority



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(1)Organize and work out general plans for land use and land utilization, protection and use of mineral resources, geological environment protection;

(2)Work out and transmit the annual land acquisition plan targets and the review procedures of supplying plan, and in charge of managing the diversion of the agricultural land and land expropriation;

(3)Organize the preliminary hearing of land use for the construction project and carry out the review of the state-owned construction land;

(4)Work out the classification and gradation of land, basic land price and demarcate land price;

(5)In charge of formulate and organize to carry out the inherent land and assets disposal methods, check the disposals of the state-owned land use rights, check and approve the alteration of land use rights and ownerships;   

(6)Carry out the flow examination and approval of the collective construction land use rights, transmit the housing index of rural villagers and supervise the prospecting development and protection of mineral resources and geological relics, and apply for Miner’s Right Certificate;

(7)In charge of geological disaster prevention and control, geological environmental protection;

(8)Handle procedures for the temporary land use and manage the leave unused land according to law;   

(9)In charge of the housing management in the area under administration;

(10)In charge of formulating plans of land purchase and reservation and sales, and the operations of land purchase and withdrawing and so on;

(11)In charge of the earlier stage development, use and attracting investments of the reserving land;

(12)In charge of collection and management of land reserving fund;

(13)Take charge to implement specifically the invitation for bid, auction and listing trade of the right to use state-owned construction land;  

(14)In charge of house property management and approval of property maintenance certificate;

(15)In charge of the market management of the commodity house and house rent;

(16)In charge of the surveillance and management of the real estate market, and supervise and inspect the implement of relevant house property laws and regulations.


Director: Zou Junwu

Deputy director: Pu Cunshan             

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