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Changxing Island Industrial Zone Subdistrict office of Jiaoliudao
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Subdistrict office of Jiaoliudao

Address Dalian Changxing Island  Industrial  Zone
Telephone +86 411 8523 0011


Fax +86 411 8523 0011 Website www.ccxi.gov.cn


Implement the guideline, principle and policy of the Party and the state. Responsible for the construction of grass-roots government, including: organization, promotion, discipline inspection, trade unions, Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, armed forces and so forth; exercise functions of administrative department in charge of labor, social security, education and health, family planning, transportation, civil administration, justice, religion, place names, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, marine and fisheries etc.

Research and formulate the medium and long term development plan and annual plan of social undertakings and subdistrict office, and related local administrative regulations. They shall be implemented after approval.

Responsible for social relief, disaster relief, poverty relief, donation and the minimum guarantee of residents. Responsible for the grassroots political power and the guidance of community construction. Responsible for giving special care and organize double support and co-construction activities; responsible for managing the funeral and social welfare institutions; responsible for the management of religious things.

Responsible for standardized construction of signs of names of roads, streets and places; responsible for greening and landscaping on both sides of roads and road administration.

Responsible for publicity of legal education, management of legal system and consultation of legal system; responsible for mediation and supervision for civil affairs.

Responsible for administrative enforcement of law, including: water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, marine and fisheries, animal husbandry; protection and unified management of the fishery resources, forest resources, marine resources; formulation of reasonable plans and programs for development and exploitation; implementation of the administrative licensing and management measures to save resources. Responsible for the development of agricultural industrialization, safety monitoring of agricultural products, agricultural statistics, prevention and supervision of animal epidemic disease, afforestation, wildlife protection, flood control and drought relief, fisheries production etc.

Responsible for other tasks assigned by superior administrative authority.


Secretary: Xie Tianquan

Deputy director: Fan Quan

Deputy director: Zhang Hua       Wang Zhongsheng

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