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Situation of Changxing Island internal infrastructure facilities
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     Roads: The 517 meter cross-sea bridge and 30 kilometer Changxing Road which runs throughout the island are complete and operational. The 117 kilometer Coastal Highway which runs around the island will be completed in September 2009. The construction of the main part of the industrial district supporting road network has been completed. Currently, the total length of the oil channels in the island has reached 305 kilometers. The south port transportation highway connected in the Dalian direction will be completed in October 2010. The construction of the north port transportation highway that will be connected in the Shenyang direction will be started soon.

    Railway: The island-entering railway groundbreaking ceremony was held on 1 July 2009, and is expected to be completed in early 2011.

     Port: After 22 months of construction, the public port area’s three 70 thousand ton common use dock project began vessel operations in December 2007. The 300 thousand ton crude oil and 300 thousand ton ore terminal are currently under construction. On the morning of 18 July 2009, the northern port area breakwater and cofferdam project officially began, and will be completed on 18 July 2011, and when the time comes there will be 12.2 kilometers of quality pier shoreline formed. After the construction of the northern port area, 39 berths of various types will be laid, and the total designed loading and unloading capacity will be 124 million tons.

     Water supply: The water project first phase of 45 kilometer 10 ton water supply pipeline project construction has been completed, and in May 2009 the 50 thousand ton waterworks was completed and put in operation. In 2015, the daily water supply capacity can reach 300 thousand tons.

     Electrical supply: Completed the 117 kilometer 220 kilovolt power transmission line project, and currently there is one 220 kilovolt, six 66 kilovolt public electric power substations, nine 66 kilovolt enterprise electric power substations, with an electrical supply capacity of 400 thousand kilovolt amperes. The Wafangdian 500 kilovolt ampere electric power substation is currently under construction. Municipal facilities and communications, heating, gas supply and island road network, pipeline network and greenery landscaping projects will be pushed forward simultaneously.

     Communications: Mobile communications and broadband internet facilities etc. have been completed.

     Tunnels, light rail: Construction of the Changxing Island to Xizhong Island 4 kilometer undersea tunnel project and Changxing Island light rail project in the Dalian direction.  

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