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Changxing Island
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     Obvious region location advantages. The distance from the east of the island to the Shenyang-Dalian Highway, Harbin-Dalian railway and Harbin-Dalian highway passenger dedicated line is lesser than 30 kilometers, and the south is 130 kilometers from Dalian; Tianjin Port is 170 nautical miles away, and Yingkou Port is 66 nautical miles away to the north. It is 339 nautical miles away from Incheon Port in Korea and 646 nautical miles away from Nagasaki Port in Japan.

     Superior port conditions. The total length of the shoreline of the 5 islands is 189.3 kilometers, and the total port and industrial shoreline is 130 kilometers, with a planned shoreline of 91.2 kilometers. The water depth at 400 meters, 1000 meters and 5000 meters from the shore can reach -20 meters, -30 meters and -50 meters. The water is deep and the bay is wide, and with a long shoreline, it is the best deep water port shoreline resource in Bohai Bay, and it is also currently the only deep water shoreline that has not been fully developed in the country, and even more so an important port of the Northeast and even of the eastern Mongolia region.

     Broad developmental space. The usable land area below the 60 meter contour line is 207 square kilometers, the shallow tidal flat islands and salt lands span 260 square kilometers, and the combinable land reclamation by harbor channel dredging totals 100 square kilometers and above.

     Unique geographical conditions. The five islands are independent islands, with 500 meter narrow channels adjoined to the mainland, and it is conducive for the formation of a closed policy developmental region.


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