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Windmill Square
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     Windmill Square is developed by the wind energy farm, located on the northern coast of Changxing Island with an area of 63 hectares, it is a wind power station constructed by the joint investment of the Northeast Electric Power Bureau, Denmark and Germany. In the region stands many towers, and enormous fan blades rotate with the wind, making a distinctive scenery, symbolizing “power”.

     On Changxing Island, in the west are massifs, in the center are plains, and the dominant wind direction is centered at the location of the Shaobao wind power farms, forming a wind convergence area, and it is a unobstructed, extremely windy wind field.

     In recent years, wind power has become an emerging industry. In the use of wind power generation, the construction period is short, the investment is small, the results fast, and it is non-pollutive. The design capacity of Changxing Island wind farm is 50,000 KW, and in 1993 4 German I-ISW一250rr wind power generators. In 1996, the phase 2 installation consisted of 4 Danish M600-250KW wind power generators. The total installed capacity is 5,000 KW, with an annual energy output of 7 million KWH. Phase 3 of the project is in planning, with a designed installed capacity of 10.8MW (18 units of 600 wind turbines) and 66KV wind farm substations. The wind turbines are in a plum like arrangement, in rows spaced at 300 meters, 240 meters apart from one another. The scenic region is now developed, and constructions include the point platforms, seaside bathing spots and natural plaza, beautiful in scenery and unique in landscape, it is an excellent tourism venue on Changxing Island.


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