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Changxing Island Bridge
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     The Changxing Island Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge in China, with construction beginning on 25 September 1976 and opened to traffic on 30 September 1981.

     The bridge is 355 meters long, 10 meters wide and has a longest single span of 176 meters. The two gravity foundational bridge piers stand among the great waves. At the top of the bridge piers stand two reinforced concrete portal towers, 42 meters high, with 104 high strength galvanized cables stretching out on both sides of the towers in a slanting fan shape connected to the hanging bridge body under it, as if a gigantic hand were pulling the enormous bridge body tightly. 5 ship channels are designed under the bridge for ship passages. The bridge is impressive and grand with a refined appearance, and suspended above the glitter of the bluish waves, it looks like an eagle’s wings in flight; it also looks like a garment of silk and jade, closely connecting Changxing Island and the Liaodong Peninsula. The construction of Changxing Island Bridge started a new era in the land transportation of Changxing Island. Today, there is a poem praising it that says, “The high flying bridge is famous in Liaodong, the cable-stayed bridge relies on the heroism of the erected towers. Spanning across the sea and listening to the language of the waves, at night it watches the lights of the fishing boats and it welcomes the winds at dawn.”


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