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Official launch of the Changxing Island District Office 2010 conscription
2010-11-12 10:15     (Click: )

On 25 October, Changxing Island District Office launched the 2010 conscription conference, where this year’s recruitment policy was interpreted in detail, and the conscription work of the year was also deployed in detail. The meeting called for further establishment of national defense awareness, strengthening the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency to ensure the completion of the conscription work tasks this winter.    

This year, the task of the Changxing Island District Office is to recruit 20 people. The people to be recruited are to be graduates of various undergraduate, junior college and high school (including vocational highschool, technical secondary school and technical schools) institutions between 18 and 20 years old. The age of those with educational levels of highschool and junior college and above may be broadened to 21 years old, and the age of students who are in full-time regular institutions of higher learning may be broadened to 22 years old. 2010 highschool graduates who have reached 17 years old may also be accepted based on their individual willingness. All the youth conscription candidates shall undergo initial survey at Changxing Island Hospital on 29 October. On 3 November, they will undergo a medical examination in Wafangdian. 10 December will be the commencement of sending the new recruits to the units.

During the meeting, Changxing Island District Office Director Sun Longyu made a mobilization speech. He called for unity in thinking, raising awareness, earnestly strengthening the sense of urgency and responsibility for the new conscription work. Effective measures are to be taken to sufficiently mobilize youths of the right age to enthusiastically enlist in the army positively. There must be strict order maintained over the key links, striving to raise the quality of new recruits, to ensure that qualified soldiers will be sent to the units. There must be strict discipline over the conscription work, consciously safeguarding the good image of the Party, government and The People’s Army. Leadership must be strengthened, closely cooperating to ensure the completion of this winter’s conscription task. Changxing Island District Office Party Working Committee Secretary Ying Lixin made a further emphasis for the completion of this winter’s conscription work with quality and quantity. 

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