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The district’s holding of the shipbuilding and supporting industries investor invitation explanation meeting
2010-11-12 10:14     (Click: )

On 27 October, with the District Management Committee hosting, the “Dalian Changxing Island Port Industrial District Shipbuilding and Supporting Industries Investor Invitation Explanation Meeting” co-organized by the Dalian Marine Equipment Industrial Park was held at the Dalian World Expo Center.

Relevant personnel from the district Investment Invitation Bureau and Dalian Marine Equipment Industrial Park and representatives from over 200 Chinese and foreign marine equipment companies participated in the meeting. The meeting revolved around the developmental situation of the Changxing Island shipbuilding and supporting industries, with relevant personnel from the District Investment Invitation Bureau, Dalian Marine Equipment Industrial Park and STX Dalian Shipbuilding delivering explanations and promotions of industrial development.

Dalian Marine Equipment Industrial Park’s promotion and explanation pointed out that as an important cooperative platform of Changxing Island shipbuilding and supporting industries, Dalian Marine Equipment Industrial Park is a professional park approved by the Dalian government, and the flexibility of the cooperation, preferential policy and clustering of the enterprise have attracted the attention of numerous small and medium supporting enterprises. Through 5 years of development, the park achieved an industrial development of 1 million square meters in one area, with over 30 resident enterprises, and also having over 30 enterprises signing into the second industrial area currently under construction.

The relevant personnel from STX Dalian Shipbuilding said in his introduction that by moving into Changxing Island, STX Dalian Group will bring about the chain development of Changxing Island’s shipbuilding and supporting industries, further compacting the foundation of Dalian’s construction of an important shipbuilding industrial base in the North, and currently, the number of Korean local marine equipment companies which have followed STX Group’s move into Changxing Island have already reached 20, and the prospects for supporting cooperation are wide.

At the explanation meeting, relevant personnel from the Investment Invitation Bureau wished that through the international marine exhibition, they can make the acquaintance, form a bridge to get to know, promote cooperation and move towards a win-win development with the various shipbuilding and sea industrial enterprises in the Changxing Island Port Industrial District. It is hoped that regular communication and contact can be maintained with the people of the shipping industry, working hard to provide quality service, and sincerely assisting all entrepreneurs to solve practical problems during their development in Dalian Changxing Island, helping enterprises to prosper, develop and expand in Changxing Island.

It is understood that domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders and investors who participated in the Seventh International Maritime Exhibition in Dalian will visit the Changxing Island Port Industrial District shipbuilding base and enterprises for a business tour on 29 October, for further communication and discussions and to promote cooperation.

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