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China Development Bank Deputy Secretary Zhang Yifan island investigation
2010-11-12 10:13     (Click: )

On 20 October, China Development Bank Review Authority Deputy Secretary Zhang Yifan visited the district to investigate the progress of the development and construction work. District Management Committee Deputy Director Gao Shundong and relevant persons in charge of the Development and Construction Investment Company were in accompaniment on the investigation.

Zhang Yifan and his party successively visited Changxing Island’s development and construction exhibition hall, Northern coastal road, Hengli petrochemical project site, public port area, STX Dalian Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment Industrial Park to understand the construction situation of the district’s key industrial projects, and paid serious attention to the reports by the relevant persons in charge.

Gao Shundong represented the management committee to express welcome to Zhang Yifan for his coming, and to express gratitude to China Development Bank for their great support and assistance for the city construction, economic and social development of Changxing Island. Gao Shundong said that in the last few years, the port industrial district management committee has firmly established and seriously implemented the scientific concept of development, innovative development mindsets, strengthening infrastructure, expanding investment attraction, expanding space for industrial development, with remarkable results in development and construction. Up till now, there has already been an accumulated fixed asset investment of 30 billion Yuan, attracting over 100 shipbuilding, petrochemical, high-end equipment manufacturing etc. enterprise projects; the social economy has always maintained a fast, healthy and high quality developmental momentum.


In order to further expand developmental space and raise the level of openness of Changxing Island to foreigners, our district has expanded the scope of land acquisition and relocation at the right time, accelerating the reformation of construction dynamism of the entire district, and these projects require further financing and investment. Gao Shundong hopes that China Development Bank will continue to expand the degree of support for Changxing Island’s economic development, and through close communication between both parties, seek a wider cooperation space and strive for greater development. 

Zhang Yifan gave a high appraisal of the results achieved by our district’s economic and social development in recent years, and fully affirmed the mindset and methods of active expansion of our district’s financing channels, increasing the city’s construction dynamism and acceleration of industrial project developments. 

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