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Jinzhou Provincial CPPCC Members’ island investigation
2010-11-12 10:12     (Click: )

On 20 October, CPPCC Jinzhou City Chairman Li Yuxia led a portion of the Jinzhou Provincial CPPCC Members to our district for an investigation, and Management Committee Deputy Director Li Huimin etc. was in accompaniment for the inspection.

During the inspection, Li Huimin introduced the basic development and construction situation of the entire district to the CPPCC members. He said that in the five years of construction of the Changxing Island Port Industrial District, there has already been an accumulative investment of over 30 billion Yuan in capital for foundational infrastructure. Currently, water, electricity, roads, the port and communications etc. have started operations, and the port area and industrial area have reached the standards of “7 supplies and 1 leveling” (water supply, water drainage, electricity, communications, road access, fuel gas supply, heating supply and ground grading), successively attracting over 100 heavy equipment and clean energy projects, with a total investment of fixed assets reaching over 200 billion Yuan, all of which can be realized in the gross output value of over 400 billion Yuan in the year after investment. In particular, the construction of the Hengli project and moving in of the refining and chemical integration project will make the building of a National-level large petrochemical industrial base in our district possible.

Jinzhou City CPPCC Chairman Li Yuxia said that the development and construction of Changxing Island was very impressive, that within five short years, the place has underwent tremendous change, and the experience of the construction and development is valuable for their learning and utilization as a source of reference. We can also fully feel that the promotion of Changxing Island Port Industrial District to a National Economic and Technological Development Zone, after it has become a comprehensive reformation experimental zone for Liaoning Province, will become increasingly prominent in the development of the future Bohai Rim area and Liaoning coastal economic belt, and its effects of radiating, demonstrating and spurring will also become increasingly prominent.

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