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Dalian City rural party clean politics observation party promoting the experiences of our district
2010-11-12 10:10     (Click: )

On 20 October, Dalian City Discipline Inspection Commission Party Ethics Office Director Gao Kancai led relevant district, city and county leaders of the Dalian City rural party clean politics observation party to our district for an investigation and observation tour, and the District Party Working Committee Secretary, Management Committee Deputy Director Chen Guangyin was in accompaniment for the investigation. The delegation observed and inspected the Changxing Island district new port community’s clean government construction work. The new port community Party committee strengthened the system construction to ensure system integrity; actively promoting “three disclosures”, to promote public integrity; vigorously promote the culture of integrity, and the methods and experience of cultured clean politics earned the unanimous positive appraisal of the delegation.


Chen Guangyin pointed out in his report of the entire district’s firm promotion of Party clean politics building work that Changxing Island Port Industrial District prominently grasped the system construction well, constantly compacting the foundation built by the Party clean politics; the entire district vigorously carried out clean politics education, building a strong ideological line of defense for the Party member cadre; strengthen the supervision of the implementation surrounding the relocation policy, practically protecting the interests of the rural collective and the masses. At the same time, the entire district also carried out the strengthened building of a the organizational leadership of the rural Party clean politics, putting in more effort in the foundational work of mindset education and system construction, further implementing the “agriculture – countryside – farmer” policy, constantly expanding and pushing forward clean politics culture efforts into the rural areas, forming an environment and atmosphere that is proud of its clean politics and rich in corruption-free practices.

In the investigation, Dalian City Discipline Inspection Commission Party Ethics Office Director Gao Kancai said that in the hard development and construction work of the Changxing Island Port Industrial District, on one hand development and construction must be grasped firmly, and on the other hand the basic level of clean politics building must be grasped, and through this learning and communication, we have broadened the horizons of Changxing Island, and while grasping the building work of the rural Party clean politics, the new district has its advantages, while the old district also has its own advantages, and it is hoped that there will be mutual communication, learning and promotion amongst the various districts, cities and counties.

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